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Estudios Ingleses de la Universidad Complutense (EIUC), founded in 1993, is a scholarly, peer-reviewed annual journal which publishes cutting-edge, high quality research papers encompassing all areas in the wide domain of English, from Language and Linguistics to Literatures and Cultures of the English-speaking countries. It promotes a lively exchange among scholars and writers in the humanities and related disciplines who hold diverse perspectives on current developments in this ever-changing global field. EIUC aims at providing both a rigorous and convivial academic forum for debate and it operates as a showcase for state-of-the-art work in English Studies. The journal welcomes articles, book reviews, book notices, biographical notes, as well as debates, reports and interviews in all areas of English Studies: Linguistics (both theoretical and applied), Literatures in English (and Comparative Literature), Critical theory and Cultural Studies. The review section draws special attention to works published in major academic presses.

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Vol 21 (2013)

Table of Contents


"May" and "must" as inferential evidential markers in a corpus of English scientific texts PDF
Ivalla Ortega Barrera, Elena Quintalla Toledo 11-29
Non-selected reflexive datives in Southern American and Appalachian English vs. Spanish PDF
Ismael Iván Teomiro García 31-47
Hybridity in Ben Okri’s "Abiku" Trilogy PDF
Brahim Barhoun 49-63
Working Through Collective Trauma: Metafiction, Intertextuality, and the Need for Externalization and Relativization of Trauma in "The Virgin Suicides" PDF
Bilyana Vanyova Kostova 65-085
Edith Nesbit and Jorge Luis Borges PDF (Español)
Mariam Bourhan el Din 087-106
Physics and Metaphysics: notes on the poetic spirit of Blake and Whitman PDF (Español)
Manuel José Botero 107-125

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